Sent the call for the 2017 of the Meeting of Extremadura in subsidy for the electronic commerce.

subsidy for electronic commerce

The Meeting of Extremadura has decided to send to the Help TIC (subsidy for commerce electr³ncio) for independent SMEs, companies and within the frame of the Community of Extremadura.

Of which the help consists TIC for electronic commerce and promotion online?

Basically, the subsidys for electronic commerce (Help TIC 2017), will help to the companies and entrepreneurs to send or to consolidate their business in the network. For it, some measured have unfolded economic that permitiran the easy access to any person who carries out her enterprise work in the Autonomous region of Extremadura.

subsidy for electronic commerce

What cost has the help TIC Extremadura for my company?

You will only pay a 20% of the totality of the works that are realised to you. The Meeting of Extremadura will support non-refundable 80% of the final quantity of the project to realise, considering that the maximum of the help is until 11.000‚¬

That is to say, the Meeting will pay 80% to you of the investment that you realise in your project of Business online, independent of the number of complementary actions that you want to realise: Marketplace, SEO (Organic positioning) or SEM (Positioning of payment of Google)

Of the rest: managements, proceedings, documentation and pursuit, you can trust CopTechDigital calmly.

To our experience of 25 years in publicity and marketing, we can add that we are Agency Accredited by the Meeting of Extremadura for help TIC. We are since solutions and managements to companies with total solution were born these subsidys offering.

subsidy for electronic commerce

Requisite What I must fulfill?

The normal one in which to the legal situation of an independent company/one talks about:

  • To be in the situation that bases the concession of the subsidy or in that the circumstances anticipated in the regulating bases and the call concur.
  • To develop the activity for which it asks for the subsidy within the territory of the Autonomous region of Extremadura.
  • Not to be to blame in none of the contained causes of prohibition in article 12 of Law 6/2011, of 23 of March, Subsidy of the Autonomous region of Extremadura.
subsidy for electronic commerce

Ok. I meet the requirements.

Now, what I must do?

We will help you to prepare the request and to write up the project to present. If you wish it, you can contact in telfs. 924 22 93 23 | 653 813 612

It goes! We have not been able to locate your form.

Final S.A. you are beneficiary of the subsidys for electronic commerce, will be for us a pleasure to help to develop your project you and to implant it suitably.
Secretariat General de Ciencia, Technology and Innovation 
Stroll of Rome s/n. Merida. Telephone: 924005827

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  1. Hello good afternoon I am called Paula, I would like to know more of the help for positioning and marketing Web. I have my Web from 2011 and the expenses with publicities are enormous, so I would like to know is a possibility of gaining some type of help facing the celebrations for marketing campaigns and positioning Web.
    I am waiting an answer.
    Thank you very much

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