A full one YES to Google Adwords. Use it and you elevate your visibility to the maximum

We consider that Google Adwords is a fundamental and essential tool for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the positioning.

At the time of sending campaigns and communicating something of your company, it is the most professional and effective form to connect with your target.

google adwords

Some of the reasons for which we chose Adwords:

It is a perfect complement at the time of reinforcing your strategy SEO.

Although to raise positions and to be above in positioning SEO are important, all we know that the Organic Search Engine is a slow process and has been its time. The immediate campaigns of Google Adwords with and its results are practically visible to the few days to publish your first campaign.

It generates more traffic to your Web that Facebook Ads

The announcements of Facebook, sometimes can produce something by ricochet, because €œthey somehow invade€ the aesthetic one of the wall. Whereas the announcements of Google, perfectly integrated in the results search of the Great one of the searches, are more effective and they exactly appear people whom it is looking for on a thematic one in that you announce and, therefore, you are going to leave to show to you. For this reason, the yield of the announcements of Adwords in major.

It connects with those clients whom they look for to you

Thanks to the announcements that you are going to show, him DAS possibility to the clients that they find your product. This is the good thing of the SEM de Adwords campaigns. In addition to presenting your announcements in the navigator, they also show it in specialized portals that realise searches related to your business or product, blogs, etc€¦

You sell outside Spain? Adwords does not have competition in this:

Facing your positioning, to create a campaign SEO can be a little complex if you must approach the outer market: but Google is very precise in this. You can include any country, zone or region of any part of the world, to show your announcement in the native language (you only must translate this) and that the user sails to the zone that interests to you in sales. That easy.

Results in the short term

By all means. To mint is not difficult with Google Adwords. If lances a campaign of opening, a new product or some change in your services, you can tell on the immediacy of arrival of Adwords your objective public.

A new showcase

If your business offline nonmarch suitably, the injection of new markets and clients who can contribute Adwords to you can be definitive at the time of bringing about a rise in your sales.

You control the budget of your announcements.

And not only that. Only payments by the clients who make €œclick€ and visit your Web.

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