Line of subsidy to tourism 2018. Meeting of Extremadura.FINALIZADA 

The Meeting of Extremadura sends in this 2018 awaited one

L­nea de Subvenciones 2018 to the Tourism in Extremadura.

Directed to tourist Companies or of activities of leisure. Among others: 

  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Rural houses
  • Restaurants
  • Tour guides
  • Companies TIC
  • Activities of leisure
  • Bars
  • Halls Celebrations

4 million Euros. The quantity of the subsidy will be of 50% (excluded IVA) of the expenses qualifying for funding with a maximum limit of 60,000 Euros.

The promotion of the quality to elevate the level of tourist infrastructures, through help to spas and tourist companies that give their activity in the Autonomous region of Extremadura.

Holders or proprietors and direct orerators of spas and tourist companies, whenever they give his activity in Extremadura and have presented before the tourist administration declaration responsible for the home and exercise for the tourist activity object of the subsidy.

  • Improvement of the Quality of the Rural Hostings.
  • Improvement of the Quality of the Spas.
  • Improvement of the Quality of the Companies of Alternative Tourist Activities and Intermediation.
  • Promotion and improvement of the TIC in the Tourist Sector.
  • Improvement of the Quality of Hotel Hostings and Extrahoteleros. 
  • Improvement of the Quality of the Restoration.

Until the 25 of August of 2018

CopTechDigital Development Web & Marketing Online

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DECREE 31/2017, of 21 of March, by that the regulating bases of the subsidys for the promotion of the quality of the tourist sector of Extremadura settle down.


DECREE 170/2017, of 17 of October, by that Decree 31/2017 modifies, of 21 of March, by that the regulating bases of the subsidys for the promotion of the quality of the tourist sector of Extremadura settle down.



It is a great opportunity. Mainly to equip to your tourist company - with activity in Extremadura, of all the potential that you need so that it generally has reach and repercussion in means and clients.

Subsidy Tourism in Extremadura 2018

We transact by you the help before the Meeting of Extremadura (including all the administrative red tape)
We did not receive if the file has been denied. Sight next.


Opening and/or management of social networks
Optimization and positioning SEO
Publicity in GOOGLE ADS
Campaigns of Email Marketing
Card optimization of company of GOOGLE
Done campaigns online to size

No longer there are excuses. With these help we can give you of discharge in Google My Business, fundamental tool for the business promotion or tourist companies in Internet.

what you can do with Google My Businness?

Many things, among others, data of situation of our tourist company, hour of opening and close, data of contact as telephone, email, Web. Also we can publish the new features of our products or services to attract new clients to our establishment. Google My Business allows us to put descriptions of our business, photos, video and that our clients leave to commentaries on our products or services to us.

Really can the social networks do something by my hotel business?

By all means that yes, the social Networks as FacebookYoutubeInstagranLinkedingGoogle+Twitter or Snapchat are a tool essence to spread your establishments, services and to generate content that likes to your communities and futures clients. If you love an advice, it locates to your public in social networks and generates content that it attracts this target so that they know your brand, products and services little by little.

It remembers that each social network has a form to present and to communicate the contents. For example, it is not the same Facebook, that allows more text characters than Twiter but that it is not as visual as Instagram, where premium the power of the image.

And that seems to you if also we recommended a campaign to you of announcements in Google Ads?

The announcements of Adwords present the announcements in the used finder more of the world: Google, and in million websites and programs associated to its network. This considerably increases the possibilities of securing to click and impressions, something fundamental if you must as objective let grow your business.

In CopTechDigital we counted on plans of Marketing Online realised in accordance with your budget and intentions.

Welcome you in this subsidy. It is a form to impel and to fortify to the tourist companies of Extremadura.


Web Hosting
Web basic Tourism
Complete Web Tourism
Power station of Reserves

Benefits to have a website

You arrive at Everybody. Yes, to everybody.

We know the importance of having a good location for our hotel, spa, rural house€¦. The location is key so that they see the clients you, takes a walk and decides to enter to buy. In Internet the same happens, and while more public we reach, more possibilities we will have to sell our establishment. If we have good a Web, we will be able to get to have a number of fixed clients much greater.


These help, designed by the Meeting of Extremadura, will allow that your business wins in recognition. Since we have already shelp to have a website is notoriety signal, and the notoriety is greater while better it is the Web. The prestige of a company does not depend exclusively on the quality of the product nor if it wants of the sales, if not by the impulse that beams to arrive towards certain niches from market and objective public. 

The Web helps you to position in Google. 

  help to tourist companies of Extremadura will allow to have you a professional Web realised by the equipment of CopTechDigital, only paying 50% of their value.  

Now you can enjoy that privilege, and will be gaining a great part amount of potential clients. Already you have a webpage that did a friend some ago years to you? It watches this: the technology Web has changed - and continues changing to an exaggerated speed. Only one present Web, with maintenance service, all accessories updated and constant revisions to the results that we see in Google, can ensure the success to you. All the others are to waste the time.

To surpass the competition. Your professional website, will improve your advantages against other hotel establishments and of leisure of you yourself sector that do not have the same technology (central of reserves, payments by means of tpv virtual, languages, etc€¦). But not only that: if you know to handle the tools of a Web well, you will be able to blunt in the area of your business. Es2018 


Corporative design name brand
Design and model-making of catalogues and guides
Impression of catalogues and guides
Interactive igitales catalogue design and model-making

As specialistic in all the referring one to the publishing design, we realised from the model-making of a catalogue to the design of its cover.

It takes advantage of subsidys 2018 the Meeting of Extremadura. Now you will be able to count on a printed material of high quality and a design that enters by the eyes. 

The model-making of a catalogue of sales or commercial dossier is very important: a professional must do it of the graphical design and the model-making so that she has perfect finishing. 

In CopTechDigital we took more than 25 years of dedication to the communication and the publicity, and our origins took with the graphical design and the impression, tasks that we continued realising with all the dedication of the world. 

Your business must be reflected of a customized form. For that reason we did not use groups. We study each case and we adapted typography, sizes, model-making and type of ideal paper to represent your business.

The help of the Meeting of Extremadura has everything what you need to realise those promotional pamphlets that are going to give a great push of image to your business. 

Rural hotels, Spas, Houses, Restaurants, Tour guides, Companies TIC, Activities of leisure, Bars, Halls Celebrations. Really there are excuses no to project the best thing of your image of company.

 In CopTechDigital we combined style and design to create an attractive and pleasant document for the clients who are going it to read. 

The corporative catalogue is an essential tool so that your company appears your clients of an elegant and modern form. Your objective public will perceive an innovating image after which an organization exists who applies to concepts and processes actuales.o

PHOTOGRAPHY and professional VIDEO

Corporative video and of company
Video Motion Graphics
It photographs Advertising
Advertising photographic album

As it could not less be, the video marketing is beating very very hard. The reasons are very powerful, and all is to benefit to your company.

  • 100 million internauts consume video on a daily basis. 9 of each 10 see the videos of the brands that follow and 65% of them end up visiting the Web after doing it. 
  • Half of the users of Internet among 25-54 years almost shares videos online that occupy. This represents 50% of all the movable traffic. 
  • In 2018 it will suppose 84% of all the traffic in Internet.
  • It does not require any type of effort on the part of the user. To press play and only to look. The audio-visual ones infinitely more are entertained than to read a text and attract the attention of the user by a prolonged time more.
  • The videos are more susceptible to be shared that any other content. First of all those of emotional content and humor. 
  • 90% of the videos that share contain histories that appeal to the emotions (or they are positive or negative).
  • THEY ARE NOT REALLY EXPENSIVE. We are not speaking of great audio-visual productions. The audio-visual pieces of video marketing are thought for the digital surroundings. A campaign video can demand a professional production and of great rescursos - even economic, whereas the content in video of your blog or social networks can be as homemade as the one of your users: from yes raising a product tutorial Youtube recorded with a mobile - that, with a tripod and something of grace to small pills of video that you can realise with anyone of the movable applications that run free and that you can even use in your smartphone.

  • Tourist Helps to undertakings of Extremadura discount until 50% in a video planning marketing to you for at least a year of campaign. This line of subsidy 2018 is an important bet that you cannot let pass.
It consults with CopTechDigital. We will realise a budget to size, we were in charge of all the red tape and the administrative proceeding. We are specialistic in Video, as much in production as in post-production. We can realise for you a successful, customized campaign and that reaches some good quotas of viralidad.

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