Tendencies in Communication of companies for the 2019

Every year, they appear new technologies, the control technologies become more intelligent and your company must begin to process this change.

Here we enumerated 5 tendencies to you of Digital Marketing for the 2019:

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence. Pixabay.es

All speak of artificial intelligence (IA) but few understand it. It thinks about the Artificial intelligence as a group of computers that can analyze the things quickly. They are able to understand better the behaviors and landlords once process the data that we offer to them.

You can use the IA tasks as to track your data bases and to provide information to your equipment. For example, you could take advantage of the artificial intelligence to find related data that they are looked like your existing clients or scan conversations in the social networks to provide information to him in real time on your competitors.

2. Chatbots or programs of simulation of conversations

For some reason, the companies have been slower in adopting chatbots of the awaited thing. But for 2022, esteem that chatbots will help to the companies in their daily saving and harnesses the interactivity with the client.

The Chatbots can would help with the tasks on watch the client and of being related to your diverse systems to respond repetitive questions, such as: €œWhen be given my will package? € €œTo what time is it my appointment? € €œWhere their services are located€

Bots can also be used to impel prospectuses, to program appointments of sales and to help to make purchases. For example, it would be possible to form bot to help a client to close a financing of automobile without needing never a human, programming all the questions that a human would do and designing until emojis to cause that the conversation sounds more natural.

When deciding if to invest or not in bot, it looks if you wish to use bot to brighten your service to the client or to increase your sales. From there, you can focus the technology that has more feeling for your objectives.

A thing to consider is that chatbots is not destined to replace complex human conversations. They can help, but still they are evolving and improving.

3. Intelligent loudspeakers and audio

Lately he is habitual to see in our home begin the day with conversations with Alexa or Google Home. We make many questions to the device (things that to do, prescriptions, etc.) and ordered the things in seconds. I believe that the voice will continue being the following disruptor.

In order to take advantage of this tendency, our suggestion is that you optimize your website for the search by voice. In CopTechDigital we can help you with this task. In order to do this, you must understand what your objectives look for. Ten in account that the longer consultations of audio are of conversation and. An objective search that wishes to locate a restaurant would not say: €œAlexa, restaurant€, but something as: €œAlexa, what restaurants are serving dinner now€

The second step is to incorporate those questions and phrases in your website. It creates a section of frequent questions and responds all the questions that you discovered. Also you can write publications in the blog on the diverse subjects and questions, but the best way is to incorporate of natural form the particular phrases. If your intelligent Loudspeaker were optimizing for €œrestaurants that serve dinner now€, a content that says €œWe served dinner as 5:00 a.m. To 10:00 p.m., Of Monday to Saturday€ could write. This would be gathered in the Web and it would allow new and wonderful possibilities you in the search by voice.

4. It looks for your Local Influencer

Influencer: Photo of Austin Distel in Unsplash

Although influential marketing is not a new subject, the approach in influencers local yes is it. Unless you execute a massive global brand or a business of electronic commerce of great proportions, most probable it is than your plan of diffusion of establishment or brand, is mainly local.

Although he is €œbrilliant€ that influencer or a well-known person it spreads to your product or service to his thousands of social fanatics, it can be of short duration. It tries to associate to you with people who influence at local level and arm to campaigns and promotions to length half/term.

It makes a list of the main factors that repel in your market. A look throws to podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms. S­gelos first, and learns envelope they and its brand. Then, it bursts in with an accidental message and it begins a conversation.

5. Video live

The video still is in the top of the marketing of contents. The only thing better is the video live. Ponte in the shoes of your clients. What you would like to experiment of your company? It thinks about the routes after borders of your office, demonstrations/product launchings, live questions and answers, etc.

Streaming video: Photo of Fabrizio Verrecchia

There are two passages of key action to move to you with ease with the video live. 

  • First: it is important to create a robust strategy of content. In CopTechDigital we bet by: feel one to you or two hours, it takes some sticky notes and you only do a rain of ideas. Which are all the things that their clients would find equipment, funny equipment or? You do a rain of ideas and generates ideas until its hand begins to hurt. Ten in account that the video must be your starting point, but these assets can take advantage in multiple platforms and become other forms of content (audio, technical blogs, documents, social computer graphics, networks, etc.).
  • The second step is to choose the platform in which you wish to concentrate: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Periscope or even Livestream.com. At this moment, we are advising to our clients who concentrate more in YouTube Live and Instagram since the space is less full. Manten your funny, attractive videos and creates experiences in its projection.

Although there are many other tactics in communication for companies, these are the five in which there would be to focus for 2019.

Shelp this, the tendencies do not replace to the good marketing. The three better ways to emphasize between the multitude are to construct your brand, to count the great history and to provide useful and authentic content. 

You do these three things consistently and takes advantage of the last tendencies.

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