It expands your business: plan Digital Xpande 2019. Help of the Chamber of Commerce. Until a 70% of the expenses in marketing digital.ACTIVA 

It expands your business: plan Digital Xpande 2019. Help of the Chamber of Commerce. Until a 70% of the expenses in digital marketing.

The digital Plan xpande 2019 is designed for independent companies and that wish to project towards the outside. It internationalizes your company. It takes advantage of all the advantages to do it digital and proves your business in other markets.

DIGITAL program XPANDE is born with the vocation to help the companies to send a plan of digital marketing (electronic Commerce, social publicity in Google, Networks, E-mail marketing, etc.) in the outer market.

The program consists of two phases: one of advising and another one of help.

Phase of Advising:

A specialized technician of the Chamber of Commerce will design a marketing plan to him that will serve to him to land in a chosen international market.

Phase of Help:

The Chamber of Commerce will support 70% with a maximum of cost of until 4.000‚¬ (IVA not including)


marketing and digital publicity

  • Publicize yourself and you occupy the first positions search with the plans of marketing of Google.
  • Opening and creation of campaign
  • Optimization and segmentation
  • Revision and improvement of terms search and keywords
  • Optimization of the methods of bids up
  • Without permanence commitment: it cancels when it wishes
  • News article between 35 and 45€, ideal for platforms Youtube type, Vimeo, or promotional for TV.
  • Full HD. Subtitulaci³n. Languages: English Spanish/
  • Post-production, that it includes: It connects of logo and heads, cortinillas, transition effects, gr¡ _ fica animated.
  • Audio mastering
  • We realise all the necessary practices so that its Web is positioned in the first places search in the main motors of the network: Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • We monitor the results and we updated the code constantly not to lose positioning.
  • Management and mantenimento of a maximum of 3 social accounts.
  • Interaction and answer to followers.
  • Information and statistics of yield.
  • Integration with the proposals of the client
  • Study and market segment.
  • Location of objective public.
  • Plans of lodging professional, able to support to discharges demands of traffic Web.
  • Integra accounts of email, FTP, data bases MYSQL, direct technical support and always offering the greater level of benefits.
  • Loyalty and pick up of clients.
  • Tendering
  • Segmentation by interests.
  • Complete statistics
  • Creation of groups
  • Plani _ caci³n of campaigns
  • Results and pursuit of objectives.

TERM OF REQUEST OF THE AID: From 9:00 h. of the one of 2019 until the 28 of February of 2019 to 14:00 h.

It unloads the document for the request:

Doubts? it consults with CopTechDigital. We can help you in all the process.

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