Help of the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz to harness the TurismoACTIVA 


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Objective What covers the help TIC with the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz in Tourism?

To invigorate the weave of the independent SMEs and that are dedicated to the tourist sector, equipping them with tools of digital communication that does them competitive, being able to present a much more attractive supply for the sector.

Who can choose to the help TIC Camera of Badajoz?

Any emprendedor@, small businesses, independent, microSMEs.

What expenses enter these help TIC?

  • Design of webpage.
  • Development of platforms of reserves online. 
  • Videomarketing and photographs applied to your tourist business.
  • Publicity online and digital marketing.
  • Management of social networks.

Of what the help consists?

These help to the electronic commerce and launchings in publicity online, stimulates action of launching of services and tourist products in Internet, being useful for it the Technologies of the Communication and the Information (TIC) in their enterprise strategies. In this way, the company could be competitive presenting to the digital market new solutions that activate and invigorate their commercial weave.

What amount supports the help?

Until 70% of the costs qualifying for funding, with a limit until 7.000‚¬ (IVA not including) in projects of digital Tourism.

What term I must to ask for the help?

As of the 09:00 hours of day 1 of June of 2019 (one will not admit any request presented before the date and scheduled time), and until day 30 of August of 2019, being the 14:00 hours the hour limit of presentation, or until run out the budgetary availability.


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PROGRAM OF AID. Source: Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz

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