Marketing Online in Extremadura

The definitive impulse of your company online

We offer professional services to you in Marketing online: Social networks (management and invigoration), Positioning Web, announcements in Google Adwords and campaigns of Email Marketing. 

It connects with the community of your future clients.

We realise gestión and dinamización of presence in the social networks with difusión of publications that foment participación and the increase of followers, además to manage and to monitor the conversations with the followers of the different communities.

We elaborate monthly Information of activity:

with envío of detailed reports, measuring and analyzed the progress of your community, allowing así to obtain información that serves as help for the decision making.

We have a group of professionals who understand the media and they apply it to the spreading of your product or service in social networks.

  • You wish to have visits in your Web?

  • You want to appear in the first results search of Google?

  • You need to drive the sales of your store online?

You do not worry. Our actions of positioning Web (SEO) are thought to optimize your presence in the results search of Google.

We compiled a complete report to you with the activity of your Web, its strengths and their weaknesses. In addition, we advised to you in all type of measures so that you yourself you can maintain an optimal level of SEO in your website.


We were in charge to activate your campaign of Google Adwords.

We generate all the announcements of Adwords, groups of announcements and key words. And you do not worry about nothing else: the pursuit to the campaign, in tasks of optimization and results runs of our account.

Announce to you with the Internet giant: Google Adwords allows you to segment the reach of your campaign so that your announcements have the greater effectiveness.

Payment only by the visits that you receive. The configuration of your campaign can be realised on the basis of many parameters: schedules, provinces, cities, objective public, etc€¦

The Email Marketing is an extraordinary tool to arrive at an ample public.

For which Email Marketing?

Because he is fast. Once created the campaign, with a single click you arrive at a hearing of thousands from clients.

Because it is possible to be segmented directing you to the public who interests to you more.

Because it is possible to be measured. With our tools, we will be able to measure impact of campaign, emails rejected, emails leidos, etc€¦

Because he is personalizable.  We can create a design prototipado to our taste, totally customized for target to which we went.

By his low cost. To plan and to start up an email campaign marketing, in addition to providing very good results, are functional and economic.

He is not intrusive. The user can terminate himself of the service immediately, with a simple click.

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Positioning Web Badajoz
Positioning Web C¡ceres 
Positioning Web Plasencia 
Positioning Web Sherry of the Gentlemen 
Positioning Web Drip jar
Positioning Web Merida
Positioning Web Miajadas 
Positioning Web Navalmoral of the Bush 
Positioning Web Jara­z of Vera